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My Thoughts: Miley Cyrus (and Amanda Bynes)

So recently, I was watching Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop music video and her twerking to J. Dash’s Wop. There have been a recent trend of the ‘good girl gone bad’ thing with the likes of Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Amanda Bynes etc… Usually, these people are Disney or Nickelodeon record artists and actors. In their teen years, they get extremely famous due to a series or movie on Disney or Nickelodeon and they are catapulted to fame with the tag of the character. We take for example, Miley Cyrus, who got her breakthrough role in Hannah Montana, her country music, entirely created by Disney, follows her role as a kid-like country girl. After the ending of production for Hannah Montana, Miley tried to keep her fame as a country girl, relatively innocent, with Party in the USA and other more mild songs of that nature. However, after taking a hiatus from music, she took a complete 180 and turned from this sweet country girl into this drug addicted, party-loving, slutty skank woman, following the styles of Pink, Lady Gaga etc… and she also suddenly developed this interest in twerking, a dance done usually and mostly by women and has a focus on the bottom region and the hips. In layman’s terms, “this rich white chick try’na twerk but she ain’t got no butt for it!” This sudden and drastic change has immediately turned the spotlight back on her as everyone discusses how she could have come this way and how they miss the way that she was previously. Seriously, the top comment and the recent top 10 comments will be a slight variation of ‘I miss the old Miley’ or ‘What happened to Hannah Montana?’. And yet, this is exactly what she wants you to do. She wants all this sudden drastic change to attract so much attention to her so she remains in the spotlight. Heck, even Jay-Z wrote a song featuring her recent activities. This is quite similar to what Amanda Bynes is doing n her Twitter account recently, getting arrested, getting into Twitter fights with actual famous people, just generally doing weird things to keep the fame and spotlight on her. What a sad world we live in these days, where people have to resort to these drastic things to be famous and keep being in the spotlight. In the end, it is us, the public, the viewers, who fuel these things. By giving Miley Cyrus attention and views and trends and comments on YouTube, by following Amanda Bynes on Twitter, responding to her fights, you are telling all the news agencies and entertainment tabloids that you are interested in these people, and the more famous they get and other people resort to these drastic things to get fame. We are rewarding these people for doing drugs, influencing the young inds of today to do these things, because we show that we pay attention. If we just ignore it, no one would notice or care. So, that’s my thoughts on the ‘good girls gone bad’.


My thoughts: First They Killed My Father

In 2012, I went to Phnom PenhCambodia with my school. During my trip, at the Central Market, a man just so happened to be selling some books. One of those books in particular aroused my interest. It had a picture of a young girl named Loung Ung in black and white. It was a New York Times bestseller so it had to be good, right? I decided, it being about 10 USD, to give it a read. I read the reviews by people like Iris Chang, Queen Noor, US Senator Patrick Leahy, with positive insights into the book. The book was about a child of a high-ranking official in Phnom Penh. She describes in full first hand experience what happens when Pol Pot’Khmer Rouge army stormed into the city, forcing her family to flee and disperse. During her time, you live through her experience as a five year old child, as she grows up, the chilling murders of people, brutal starvation and of all, the everlasting hope and bond as a family to survive against all odds to escape Cambodia to Vietnam, and eventually, the United States of America as refugees. Loung spares no detail in bringing the full brutal truth and horror that was the Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime. You are able to feel her true despair when finally realising of her father’s murder, her sister Keav’s starvation and eventually death, and probably the saddest of them, her mother’s and then 5 year old baby sister Geak’s unfortunate demise at the killing fields. The words are so chillingly vivid, you get lost in the book and feel true emotions as this book comes to life. The book evokes pity for the baby, to the point of tearing up at the baby screaming at the sight of her dead mother before being shot in the face with a rifle. The book also evokes true hatred for the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot and the Angkor. What true evil and cold hearted they could be to prepare the systematic mass murder of tens of millions of innocent people, some just based on their religion and beliefs. Now, where does this sound familiar… Anyways, to sum it all up, this is a chilling brutal truth and insight into the regime from a first hand experience. Highly recommended book. Amazing and harrowing experience.